Friday, December 19, 2014

Pole Vaulting Grandaddy

Edit: another genealogist suggested that this is probably actually the "high jump" instead of pole vaulting.

I don't know anything about my Grandaddy playing sports. But, he clearly did. But when? Because I can faintly see a guy in a particular hat in the background, I think this may have been when he was in the Army, and the hat on that guy looks like the ones I see of uniformed men in other photographs I have. 
See the hats? Grandaddy, Robert Stanley Hicks is the guy in the middle, 4th from the left. 

I have this other photograph as well. Is this from the same time period? How would I find out?
What could the "L" stand for? 

It looks like they had a mascot, a black kitten. 
Edit: another genealogist suggests "The Lions" perhaps with a kitty mascot?
If you have information about Robert Stanley Hicks and when he played basketball or pole vaulting, please send me some information.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014