Saturday, December 21, 2013

#ChristmasWishes with Santa

I had grand plans for my blog this Christmas season. Alas, it is December 21 and I haven't made the time to add anything to it until now. You know how hectic it gets this month! 
 I hope everyone will enjoy this little bit I can manage right now. 

 These are some of the Hicks or Harris kids with Santa. 

The back of this first picture says "C.W. Harris  c/o Lucille Gro. $1.49 3/3.4"  I'm pretty sure it is not Clarence W. Harris, he was born in 1910.  This kid looks to be between 3 and 5 years old or so, and the picture's quality is too clear and dark to be from 1915. I'm thinking this is one of the Harris kids and that it was taken at a shop. C.W. Harris's name is on the back so that they know who is going to pick it up. 
If you know who this kid is, please comment at the end of the post, so I can correctly identify it.
UPDATE: I got a message from Floyd Harris, that this picture is his youngest brother, Bruce Harris, who was born in 1953. Thanks Floyd!
Just for comparison, here is a photograph from 1915. 
I found this picture from the website  
I am just using it to show one of the reason's I don't believe that the Santa picture of "Harris" is from 1915. 

This one is labeled Van Hicks 1952
It looks like Van is telling Santa what he wants. I hope his sucker doesn't get caught in Santa's beard. 

This one is labeled "Sandra (Hicks) Dillard" 
Sandra is the daugther of Larkin Hicks. (Son of Robert Henry Hicks Sr.)

This Santa picture is not labeled either. But, on my computer I labeled it as "Sandra Hicks". I don't know if that is correct or not. Someone must have told me that this girl was Sandra.

This one is Brenda & Barbara Hicks. You can see that Barbara is telling Santa what she wants, and Brenda looks like she is trying to figure out if Santa's beard is real or not.  The back of the picture is labeled "Brenda & Barbara Hicks w/ Santa Claus (Bob & Flo's Daughter's)" . I doubt that Bob or Flo would have labeled it this way, so this picture must have belonged to someone else, maybe Vesta? or maybe Willena. These pictures were all found in the same box. 

I believe it was my sister, Kimberly Hicks who told me that when she and a few of the other cousins were visiting Great Grandaddy's house during the holidays they would sit in front of the fireplace and wait to see if Santa would come talk to them. Great Grandaddy's house has what I call a double fireplace. The two bedrooms shared a fireplace in the middle. So, the kids would be on one side, and Santa (I think Uncle Bob) would be on the other side and talk to them to find out if they had been good or bad that year.

Edit: From Brenda Russell: Some of you know the history of Mama Flo's chimney. It was fake. Mama built it herself...laid every brick. On the other side of that chimney was the closet to the front bedroom of our house. That is where somebody, usually Daddy, would go and start with "ho ho ho". All the little ones would run over to "talk" to or "look" for Santa. Great fun...great memories!

Michael Meason looking for Santa in Mama Flo's Chimney.

I sent a lot of Save the Date  for the Family Reunion cards to extended family today. I hope to see you all there on May 17th 2014. Myrl provided me with your addresses. 
You can email me any stories or pictures to add to this blog. My email is at the top of the page. 

Happy Holidays
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