Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Faces From the Past

I really wish I could claim ownership of this picture. But, I actually found it online from . I think the picture is so fantastic, that I want to share it here on the Hicks Family Newsletter.

This is Luther Amos & Mary Hicks. 

In this picture it looks like Luther is placing a ring on Mary's finger! They are both smiling and it seems to be a happy moment. The photograph was linked to Luther and Mary's findagrave memorial (#37717636 use the link at the top of the blog to find it.) It was posted by someone named Jim T. I don't know who that is, but I am guessing he may be related to us in some way because he had this picture. I am going to send him an email to find out. 
Let me try and tell you how Luther is related to me. 
He is my 2nd cousin 3x removed. 
Our common ancestor is my 4th great grandfather 
Abraham Russell Hicks (1781 - 1861). 
Abraham had 5 kids. 
Two of them were Harold (1811 -1880) and Abraham Jr. (1831 - 1872) 
One of Harold's kids is Larkin, who had Robert Henry who had Robert Stanley who had my dad Earl. 
One of Abraham Jr's kids was William Abraham who had Luther Amos. 

They both died in 1965.

Don't forget about the Hicks family reunion on May 17 2014. 
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