Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sentimental Sunday at

I recently went on a marathon. Sometimes when you get going on findagrave, you get lost. You keep finding ancestors and clues and photographs, and that leads to questions and more questions.
I started with looking for the tombstones of Martha Jane Gourd Hicks (1825 - 1900) and her husband Harold Hicks (1811 -1880). Martha Jane and Harold are the grandparents of Robert Henry Hicks, and the parents of Larkin Hicks, and my great great great grandparents. ....I think that's right.

I found Martha Jane in Grove Level Community Cemetery. With a picture! 
findagrave memorial # 100876106

Her tombstone says that she was born on Nov 5 1826. My research says 1825. I don't know where I got my dates from, so that will have to be something I look up later. You can't always trust the birth dates on really old tombstones. Sometimes the people just didn't know or couldn't remember. 
I have not been able to find her husband on findagrave, nor on, nor on USGenweb Tombstone project. I'll have to keep on the look out for him. 

Then I went for a search on Larkin and Mary Jane Gassaway Hicks. (Great Granddaddy's parents.) I did find that someone put their information on but no pictures. I have put a request for a picture, but we will have to wait until a volunteer goes out to Pleasant Hope Cemetery in Floyd County Georgia to search for them and take the picture. I went out there once with my husband, Chris, and we could not find Larkin nor Mary Jane.  Their findagrave memorial #'s are Larkin: 11510268 and Mary Jane's is 11510269. 
A person named Karlene, a volunteer for findagrave, entered their information on But, I think she must have just got the information out of a book or death records or something. Otherwise, why not add the picture, if you are already surveying a cemetery. I have contacted her via email to see if she would transfer ownership of the virtual memorials to me so I can add the correct information about their children. We'll see what happens. 

I also virtually visited Willena and her first baby, Henry. 
findagrave memorial #24304966

findagrave memorial # 24305019

Robert Henry and Vesta's infant Ira has no tombstone picture yet, but his memorial # is 118250434

My Grandaddy, Robert Stanley and Grandmother Marjorie
findagrave memorial # 39606963

Uncle Bob and Aunt Flo
findagrave memorial # 88205669

Uncle Ralph, who recently passed away has a findagrave memorial page as well. I don't think he has a marker yet. But his memorial page on findagrave is 116451811

Why do I give you these memorial numbers? You can go to and go to the "search grave records" link on the right side of their page. Instead of filling out all the research queries, you can simply type in the number of the memorial and go right there. I also have a link to findagrave on this blog. My virtual name on is Stompee.

What else did I collect or find on my findagrave marathon? 
I found Abraham Russell Hicks Jr. That is great granddaddy's granddaddy's brother! 
1831 - 1872  findagrave memorial # 26755454

Abraham's wife, Susanna 
findagrave memorial # 26755507

Robert Henry's brother Harold Clifford. I think the family called him Cliff. 

Oh my gosh, and so many more. I can't post them all here today. I feel more searching in my future. 

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  1. Mryl just emailed me with this: I was told by Ellizine, who is John Hicks's daughter that their Grandpa Larkin Hicks did not
    have a marker, I forgot the name of the church but she said it was in Lindale Ga.