Friday, February 22, 2013

Who remembers Tiny? I do!
According to Uncle Bob (Robert Henry Hicks Jr), Great Granddaddy actually had two Tiny's. The first one sadly ran into the road and was hit by a car. As you know, the old house sits right on Hwy 138. Great Granddaddy (Robert Henry Hicks - pictured above) was very sad, so Uncle Bob went and got Tiny (II). Who is the dog I remember. Tiny was, as the Polaroid above states, his companion. 

When Great Grandaddy died, Tiny went to live with my Grandfather and Grandmother Hicks. (Robert Stanley Hicks and Marjorie Roberts Hicks). Tiny became my Grandmother's protector. He sat on the arm of her chair and barked when you tried to hug and kiss her. 

He was a sweet dog though. We had fun petting and pampering him. Grandmother always got disturbed because we would let Tiny lick our bare legs. We don't know why he liked to lick so much. Grandmother thought it was because he liked the taste of salt (sweat) on our legs.

Barbara Hicks Jones (Uncle Bob's daughter) remembers:
"Everybody who was close to our grandfather (or great-grandfather) remembers Tiny. Grandpa was always secretly pleased when Tiny growled at anyone who tried to get close to him (or our grandfather). Tiny was very protective!!!"

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  1. I remember Tiny one and two. I think that is where my secret fears of chahuahuas come from. I have referred to them as demon dogs for as long as i can remember!